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Ori Harel, PhD. Psychologist and mindfulness trainer.

I started using these cards, first just with myself, to sharpen my intuition, but then also with friends and recently with my patients. I use many therapeutic cards normally, but these are especially beautiful and the most unique hand-made I have. What I love most is the connections it allows between our inner and outer nature, and the variety it enables free associations to rise. Thank you Taisa for sharing your special touch and bring art and esthetics to our clinic.  


Sophie Serafima Keidar,Mother

"Trust the Process" is a card that accompanied me throughout my pregnancy, during the birth and into parenthood. It continues to accompany me even today. While things are constantly changing around me, and I encounter a variety of new difficulties and complexities, I know I need to stop from time to time and trust the path I am on, that my daughter is on, that our family has taken.

Kere Shalev, Yoga therapist

I occasionally use the cards in yoga classes to get inspiration—always it's uplifting and provides new perspectives. When I'm feeling confused or down, the gentleness of the cards and the beauty they reflect give me hope. I would recommend it to any woman.


Caterina Ulrich- Hebamme

Die Karten sind so wunderschön, ich liebe sie! In meiner Arbeit als Hebamme nutze ich sie für Schwangere und junge Eltern als Assoziationshilfe und in meinen Geburtsvorbereitungs- und Yogakursen sind sie auch eine wunderbare Hilfe um innere Ressourcen aufzuzeigen und eigene, innere Bilder zu wecken ohne kitschig oder überladen zu sein. Die Zeichnungen sind faszinierend schön, zart und vielfaltig, respektvoll und tief in ihrer Einfachheit. Die Karten sind schon auf der Rückseite und in der Haptik sehr ansprechend, sogar die Verpackung ist bezaubernd. Ich habe bisher nichts vergleichbar Schönes dieser Art gefunden. Meine Lieblingskarte ist die "Hummelkarte - move your body" , hier finde ich Humor und Leichtigkeit für mich, großes Kompliment! 


Olga Bendit Goldenberg- speech language pathologist

My name is Olga Bendit Goldenberg, and I am a speech language pathologist, who works in a rehabilitation hospital in Israel with adults after acquired head injuries such as strokes, head surgeries, accidents and more. Although the essence of my treatment focuses on improving the functions of speech, language, voice and swallowing, I like to talk about feelings with my patients, especially around important events, such as for example before an important team meeting in the presence of the patient, or before discharge. The amazing cards drawn and created by Taisa allow every person who looks at the pictures to feel and interpret the picture in their own way. I usually ask my patient to choose a card that represents the process he went through during the hospitalization or a card that describes his feelings towards discharge. Every time I am surprised how much a painting can interpreted each and every one of us in a different way. The cards are very suitable for use with adults, and I receive many positive responses from patients and families.

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