Therapeutic cards


When we Grow inside and outside of ourselves, we can enjoy being who we are. We can find strength, and be happy in our heart. We can trust our instincts, and learn to accept and love who we are. We can be present, observing, and learn to enjoy the moment.


These therapeutic cards  are your key to a self-awareness.
While everyday life is trying to keep you busy, these cards will help you to stop for a moment  or more.
Take a break, breath, and choose a card. Focus on what is written on it. Relax and take care of your body and soul. And be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Train your mind to think positive and be kind to yourself. This can be a great ritual for a daily break.


Start your journey today.


what are these cards?

In each card there is a drawing and a phrase. I selected all the images from nature and the wild, and linked them to a phrase which best manifest their meaning. The drawings, as well as the phrases, are distillations of emotions that I want to convey to others.

The purpose of these cards is to focus your attention in these positive meanings, training your mind to see the bright side of yourself. It will help you in better understanding where you are acting from and why. Liberate your mind from worries and other burdens.

I see these cards as sort of a guided meditation. An aid for exploration of ourselves.

I hope that these cards will help you grow on the inside and outside.


Who can enjoy these cards?

The cards are suitable to all ages.

They are made for every person who would like to focus on a positive thinking, increase self-esteem, and simply enjoy who he is.

If you are in a new phase of life, such as starting a new job, expecting a child, or moving to a new home, or if you just want to begin your day by focusing on positive thoughts and reducing stress - these cards may be helpful for you.

About creating these cards

I made these cards while I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, Aria. I wanted to focus on positive thoughts, and train my mind for the upcoming labor. I was looking for affirmations, which were simple and provided me with a peaceful feeling. Unfortunately (or thankfully), I could not find affirmation cards that suit me. So, I decided to make them for myself. Maybe these are what you are looking for as well.



Cyanotype prints

Bring the therapeutic images of nature indoor

Cyanotype is a photographic printing based on exposure to light. I like this method because it creates one of a kind pieces. Each print is unique and depends on the sun and the exact conditions.

I make hand-made cyanotype prints of the therapeutic images that are in cards. You can find them in various sizes - from 9x13 cm to 30x40 cm. 


Come and check it out! maybe you will find something for you.


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meet cuckooshca's creator

Hi, im Taisa, Cuckooshca's creator.

I was born in Moldova, grew up in Israel and recently moved to Germany.

Throughout my life I investigated different art media as a way of expression. I always found special interest in the inner silence the practice of art gave me. This made me develop into art as a theraputic act, and finally made me want to spread this therapy to others.

I am a mother of two crazy, amazing kids:Aria and David, and a wife of a wonderful and super talanted hausband Or. We all living in Tuebingen with our sweetest dog Yassu.

Hope you will enjoy my art!



Cuckooshca is a platform for therapeutic art that can touch our soul through our eyes!
I welcome you to experience